Body image, body identity modern Women’s from Zanzibar

as a psychoanalyst and cultural anthropologist and photographer I am working with African women's from all over continent , most time about their identity, and body image, now I am going to make a project about unyago ritual in Zanzibar









Commentary on Rachel Tanur's Works: Massai Woman

Masai Women's I met them many years ago when I first time went to East Africa. Masai Mara it was my first stop where I was attending as a guest their traditional life in the small village. This photo remind me of Mama Mo. She was the oldest women in the Masai village.All elements what I see now in Rachel photography is deeply important to understand Masai women"s culture. Masai culture is strongly patriarchal in nature, all women's they are dependable by men's in their family and villages. Only older women's as this pic showing us they have a right to stand up for themselves and others. Older women in Masai land is around 45 years old..Is really possible as this lady is exactly this age. She is wearing traditional Masai clothes- Shuka this is a traditional sheets worn and wrapped around the body and like we see is red, Rachel pic showing us traditional necklaces and earrings. Beadworking done by Masai women's has a long history and tradition. Is as a voice to articulate their identity and position in society. Rachel women is wearing a lot of necklaces this mean like her position in the village is high , maybe she was a wife of the chief or mother of the current chief. What we see and what is really important that is her ears with big holes..and earrings of course but the most important is the holes. That's mean like she never learn reading and writing. So Rachel photography tell us small part of Masai women's history...and this is all about a travel photography, we are making a photo but also we also telling the story.