Guatemalan Waterfront

Guatemalan waterfront w_ Crush_tif342
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One Essay Response

  1. Michael Schwartz | Stony Brook University says:

    The irony of cultural imperialism. The clever comment that “you can tell the ideas of a nation by it’s advertisements” resonates with Americans, and conveys the flavor of self-criticism that characterizes American culture. But its ethnocentrism is reflected in the actual advertisements in the third world. In Ghana, “Own some shares today,” becomes an effort to deny the grinding poverty that makes it impossible for 95% of the population to even aspire to such ownership. In Guatemala, the advertisements for Orange Crush and Pepsi Cola reflect the empty calories, imported from America, that contribute to the desperation of an impoverished country.

    Only in America…do the advertisements reflect “the ideas of a nation.” In the Third World… the advertisements reflect the ideas of…America.