rum pic

I took this picture from the play ground located in Ethiopia in the capital Addis and a place called Bora, that my niece aged 3, was playing and she met an Israeli kid, they were looking at one another very strangely, that caught my eye and an idea came to my mind, Why these kids looked one another strangely?. The next step for me was to introduce these two kids so that they can play together, but they couldn’t get along because their color is not the same, was wondering how these kids are aware about their color difference. I tried my best for these kids to play together unfortunately it didn’t work. I got the chance to receive positive feedback from my niece and try to take a picture at least but the Israeli kid refused the hug she received from my niece; I still wondered why these two kids can’t get along. Is it racism?

Commentary on Rachel Tanur's Works: Chinese Woman with Two Buckets

When I see this picture the first thing that come to my mind is “Is Chinese women’s are working their but off like my countries females?” , honestly I am sure this woman grabbing the two items on her shoulder is different from my countries. If you look at Ethiopian women’s they do a lots of stuffs like they clean the house feed the family grab water from river and finally they carry some items like the one in the picture to sell it to the market. When all burdens were under the shoulders of our women, the men just sit and hangout with their friends and wait for the girl to bring what he can eat and drink. This is the backwardness of our men’s especially in rural areas and sometimes in urban areas. The picture express itself more than a word, where she come from, how she is leading her life and how she support her family. In my country, especially in rural areas women do everything, they suffer for the family. We need to stand against the hard labor women’s do in the whole Africa and the whole world.